Blogroll Link Exchange

Blogroll Link Exchange

Many webmasters do not understand the value of a blogroll link exchange.  Quite simply put a blogroll link exchange is simply exchanging links on a blogroll.  Site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site A.  The best method of course would be to use anchor text in your blogroll link exchange.   Of course it would be best if the two sites were on a related topic.

As the net is searched for high pr directories, high pr forum pages, etc.. and one can find fairly decent results for those searches – when one searches for ‘blogroll link exchange‘ or “blogroll links” or “blogroll exchange” really not very many decent results come up.  Therefore, I think it is high time that we start a directory of themed blogroll link exchange sites.    Kind of like the ‘you comment – i follow’ concept.   “You link – I link” would be the new concept of engaging in blogroll link exchanges.

Perhaps the best way to start this would be to use the comment box below and let the community know that you are interested in a blogroll link exchange.  Than, we can begin a real nice list and add that somewhere else on this site and it will be broken down by website categories.

Here are the rules of engagement to leave a comment for this topic of blogroll link exchange.

NO SPAM – sorry – but this is a real site helping real folks – no garbage permitted

NO SPAM sites – sorry again – but the administrator will delete comments that link to what appears to be a spam or garbage site

Your site must already be indexed by google.

Readers may also comment and let the community know if they see a site on this list that has been banned by google or is spam and the admin did not notice.. or they gamed us and built the site to look real to get links and than spammed it out than we would also want to delete that site.

Comments must have real value or they will be deleted

No links to your site in the actual comment but you may use anchor text in your ‘name’ when filling

in the comment form.

I am sorry for these stringent rules but the readers of this site are absolutely serious about good SEO and they only want resources that are effective and they do not want to link to spammy sites that will get banned by the search engines.

Okay, with all that said – comment away and let’s build a nice blogroll link exchange directory of related topics.