Website Hosting Plans

Website Hosting Plans come in all shapes and sizes. (or colors and flavors).  Bottom line: you don’t always get what you pay for.  Nor, do you always understand what you are really getting.   The question to ask is are you only getting hosting or is your hosting company doing something extra for your site along the lines of search engine optimization.

If you are told that the reason your hosting fee is so high is because they are optimizing your site and maintaining your keyword than you need to ask what that really means.  What are the doing to optimize your site and  your main keyword.  Show me the results!  Are you (hosting company) engaged in an inbound link campaign?  Is it a 2 way (reciprocal link exchange) campaign or a one way link campaign?  How many inbound links does my site have now?  What is the anchor text in the inbound link?  How about the PR of the sites linking to my site and are the sites on topic or off topic?  Are you focusing on one major broad keyword or several niche keywords making sure to sprinkle in some long tail keywords in the anchor text?

Are you adding content to my site? Is it original content? Have you submitted any articles to article directories and have they been picked up and being placed on other websites?   Have you created any blogroll link exchanges between my sites and others?  (on topic or off topic)?

i.e.:  What are you doing for me when you say you are maintaining a keyword to justify charging me between $50 – $500 a month?  Please explain and show me the results.  Are you simply hosting my site or are you hosting it and optimizing my site for search engine spiders to come by and give it some good pr and search engine rankings?

The point is to understand if you are paying for hosting only, hosting + great customer service, hosting + customer service + SEO on your site?