Portland Energy Efficient Remodeling

Portland, OR homeowners are happy to know of Capo Construction specializing in Energy Efficient Home Remodeling. With the cost of energy being so high now – residents of Portland – tenants and homeowners alike are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills and keep their carbon footprint smaller. Thus, they are learning about “green remodeling” and “energy efficient homes” such as are being remodeled and built by home performance contractors in your local area.

Utilizing “green building” materials and techniques to reduce the amount of energy a home uses and by employing a rating system such as “BPI” or “HERS” a blower door test can be performed as well as a home energy audit and home energy assessment to determine which areas of the home are leaking the most amount of energy and than developing a solution that will reduce the energy loss, thus, saving on household energy bills. While some homeowners may elect to have a complete home energy remodel and incorporate as many “green” materials as possible in all areas of the home remodel – others may elect to only do the “energy efficient” aspects of the remodel and not spend so much on updated the remainder of the home at that time.

Either way an energy efficient remodeling contractor from Portland will be able to assist. Since this post is a site review – the screenshot is below and as the webmaster of the website develops it further you will be able to see the enhancements and read the blog posts related to Portland Energy Efficient Homes.