How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

For those who want to wrap text around their adsense units there is a quick and easy bit of code they can use.

This code can be implemented with various wordpress plugins (in case you are using a wordpress blog).

You can adjust the spacing around the adsense unit by changing the pixels. If you have the ad unit on the left you might want some spacing on the right hand side so it is not too close to your text.  Than you might want the following:   5px 30px 5px 5px

There are 2 wordpress plugins that are very helpful and once you have them set up you take the above code with your adsense code inserted and plop the whole thing into the area the plugin allows. Than, when you write your post all you have to do is include a little snippet of code where you want your adsense unit to appear and that’s all there is to it.

There are a few additional techniques that can be used to manipulate where your adsense ad unit goes but more on that later.  This post is simply to help you put an ad unit in a post at your desired location and a couple of plugins thrown in.

The code is as follows:

< div style=”display: block; float: right; padding-left: 8px”>
put adsense or chitika code here
< /div> (Remove the spaces in front of “div and /div” – the spaces exist so this post will
display the code for you to see, otherwise wordpress treats it like inline css and does not display the code!