Vacaville Painting Contractors

Ok. So, you’re probably wondering where is the site picture of the site to review.  It’s not posted yet. So, for now just use the hyperlink in the title of this post to view the site.  Please comment below.

This really is not so much a “painting contractor website” as much as it is a post on a website that talks about a painting contractor in Vacaville.   The town of Vacaville is located in Solano County CA and 2 of the zip codes are 94588 and 94587.  It’s also the home to the Nut Tree Factory Outlet Stores.  In fact, the Nut Tree and Nut Tree Airport are part of what made Vacaville well known as a place to stop while traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento or other areas of California while driving on Hwy 80.

At some point in the future there will be a build out for a nice looking painting contractor website that is part of the local contractor website.  But, that’s down the road.

Oakley Handyman Services

Handyman services are essential to Oakley. Many people who own homes and building would call on a handyman service to repair little things to complete remodel projects and room additions. However, often times people don’t realize that handyman services will perform complete remodels because they think handymen simply perform small repairs on people’s homes.

White it is true that handyman contractors can do room additions, replace cabinets, install flooring, paint and patch and drywall entire rooms as well as remodel bathrooms and kitchens, many times they are called upon to replace sinks, rehang closet doors, rebuild fences, paint a couple rooms and fix homes in the drywall.

Water Damage, Fire Damage, Storm Damage and Mold Damage are also home repairs and that handyman services can assist a homeowner with while at the same time cooperating with the homeowner’s insurance company and the adjuster that has been assigned to the claim.

By the way – for those that done know – Oakley is in California near Mount Diablo in the San Francisco Bay Area. The zip code is 94561. It’s near the large Delta system where lot’s of fishing takes place. Actually, it’s centrally located to several major metropolitan areas and towns. East of Oakley is Stockton in San Joaquin County. West of Oakley is San Francisco. North of Oakley is Solano County – with towns such as Vacaville and Fairfield. South of Oakley is Livermore & Pleasanton.

Well, since this post is about a site review – here is the picture below and you will notice that it is a very simple webpage – some might even call it a squeeze page of sorts. Over time this might change with a different layout and color scheme but in the meantime please share below in the comment section what changes to this page you might recommend that would increase the “lead captures” of this Oakley Handyman Services page. – Oakley CA Homes for Sale

This site about Oakley CA Homes for Sale and Oakley real estate listings needs a site review. Which will lead to a site wide modification. My opinion is the colors of the theme need to be changed as well as the layout. It would also benefit from an IDX feature. What is your opinion? Do you think a real estate website should be plain and simple or should it be full of color and graphics?

Oakley CA Homes for Sale

This site about Oakley CA Homes for Sale and Oakley real estate listings needs a site review.    Which will lead to a site wide modification.  My opinion is the colors of the theme need to be changed as well as the layout.  It would also benefit from an IDX feature.   What is your opinion?    Do you think a real estate website should be plain and simple or should it be full of color and graphics?

Do you have any real estate website themes that you prefer?  Please feel free to comment about this particular website.  What type of content should a real estate website include?  How should it be laid out ultimate consumer appeal?   Should a website about Oakley Homes for Sale be full of content about Oakley and the surrounding towns in addition to having a lot of real estate related content?    Perhaps a site that finds a delicate balance between community content and real estate listings content is what the consumer wants.?

How To Stop Comment Spam?

Comment Spam is an obvious nuisance that requires a good defence.  WordPress developers have made plugins to prevent comment spam and quite frankly some of them work very well.  Later in this post I will list a few of the comment spam plugins that are popular.

The way I see it is that there are 2 major types of comment spam.   The first is done by bot’s which run around dropping comments on blogs automatically.   The hopes are that they hit enough blogs that do not require moderation with the end result being thousands of blogs having this garbage with links pointing back to the website they are marketing.    The other method would be on a  smaller scale and is probably not automated.  This would be new aspiring webmasters and to some extend experienced webmasters using anchor text in the name field and a link to their site.    They are usually keen not to put a link in the comment area but the content they include is so generic you can spot it a mile away.

Some examples:

“nice blog about adsense – keep up the good work”

“nice article – I’ll bookmark your site and return every day”

“you could increase your blog traffic by doing such and such in addition to your link campaigns”

Okay.. you get the point. Obviously, those get deleted.

So, what would constitute a non spammy comment?   I comment that is real.  It really discusses the topic of the article without being too generic.   It’s got to have some meat on it. I guess if someone got super creative, wrote a 2 paragraph comment really discussing the article and adding some genuine input and if they were able to do that with the full intent of “spamming” that Kudo’s if it makes it past the moderator.

But, otherwise, the best approach is to write a real comment.     Here is an example below.  Let’s say an article or blog post was written about “one way links” or “blogroll links” how to find link partners.   A good comment would be:

“Thanks for this post on link exchanges.  I have been struggling with this and trying to find the best way to get other webmasters to agree to a link exchange. Whenever, I email them or contact them they do not reply so I feel frustrated.  I real about this and follow the “guru’s” out there and it does not seem to work for me.  Now I finally understand the concept of “small beginnings” and how over time if I engage actively on other people’s blogs eventually a relationship will develop which could open the door to advanced link exchange strategies.

By offering something of value to the other webmaster’s site – over time – a friendship is developed and we can begin to share ideas with each other which may lead to article exchanges, blogroll link exchanges and etc..   So, thank’s again for the well written article and I’ll see you at top!”

If you read thru that comment it would be very difficult to consider that a spammy comment and I cannot imagine any webmasters that would not accept a comment like this to be placed on their blog.  But, do yourself a favor and don’t copy it and use it (unless you drop a link in it back to my site!). Create your own original comment for each blog you visit and each post you like.  Than you will establish credibility.  Also, make sure the website you are promoting is a high quality site and not a spam site.  The webmaster will look at the site as well as part of the inclusion decision.

Here is a list of comment spam plugins for WordPress blogs:  Just type the term into the search engine and you should find the link to them.




Permanent One Way Link Building

Link Building Plans

The topic of Link Building is of utmost importance to website seo (search engine optimization).  There are different types of links:   inbound  1 way links,  reciprocal links – 2 way links, internal links, deep linking, blogroll exchanges, links from within blog posts or articles, links from comments on blogs, signature files from forums or articles written and distributed to article directories.

There are good neighborhood and bad neighborhood links.   Effective link strategies and stupid link strategies.  Links from low pr sites and links from high pr sites.

Okay, you get the point.  There are lot’s of linking strategies.   A smart linking strategy is a natural approach to gaining links.  This would include writing nice comments on other peoples blogs that are relevant to the blog post.   Write articles and submit to article directories.  Write articles for other blogs and become an author for 1 or more blogs.  Exchange blogroll links with sites within your niche.  Participate in forums with intelligent discussions contributing real content to the forum.    The search engines want to see natural link growth with alternating anchor text.      For example:   a bad linking strategy would be to go throw 200 links out there in 1 hour with some type of automated commenting program.  Or to put out 100 links a day over 5 days.    Does the word “comment spam” come to mind?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be discussed regarding link building strategies.   Bottom line:  Don’t spam links.    Be natural, vary your anchor text, inbound 1 way links from good neighborhood sites, participate in forum discussions and add quality content to blog comments.  Write and submit high quality articles.   When doing these tasks make sure to employ deep linking strategies – rather than have the link point to your home page have it point to a page deep within your website that is relevant to the website, article or post that you are linking from.

What does it cost to hire a high quality seo firm to build links for your site(s) and remove that task from your plate of daily duties?   Glad you asked.

Plan 1:    200 inbound links from various sites pr2-pr7 sites:   $600.00  (effectiveness of this approach – moderate to low)

Plan 2:    100 inbound links from various blogs ranking between pr2-pr5.   100 – 150 word articles are written with an anchor text link pointed to your site:  $1500.00   (effectiveness of this approach is regarded highly as the links do not come from comments, blogroll exchanges, guestbooks – typical sources of spam linking techniques.  The search engines give more favor to a link from within a quality article on a site with a good reputation)  These articles and links would take place at an interval of no more than 5 per day to keep a natural sequence in motion.

Plan 3:  All out war.  Full Scale Link Building Campaign.

Directory Submissions

Article Submissions

Articles on Blogs

Press Release Distribution

Text Link Advertising

Price:   Min. recommended budget of $3500 a month for the 1st 2 months.  Than, we will take a look at the traffic and search engine positions to determine a plan to continue or to scale back.  The goal is to take your site to the top and maintain the top position.

Plan 4:   Forum Link Building – In Bound 1 Way Links

Forums:  250   PR0 – PR6

Links:   750  (3 links per forum)

Anchor Text: up to 75 variations

Number of URLS:  up to 75 (includes deep links – inner pages)

Link Building Report: At end of campaign a report showing which pages are linking to you

SERP Ranking Analysis

Monthly Keyword Tracking and Reporting

Automatic Keyword Shifting

SEO Friendly approach to link building – frequency

Anchor Text and Keyword Link Spreading – natural seo friendly

Site History Evaluation

SEO Experience Sharing

Links from .edu and .gov sites

Customized Promotion Plan

Monthly Adjustments as needed to the link building frequency

Share SEO and Marketing Tips

Special Services Included:

Manual Submit to 550 directories

Manual Submit to 50 themed directories (in your niche)

Manual Submit to 50 directories – deep linked to your site inner pages

Manual Article Submission to 300 Article Directories

Manual Bookmarking Submissions: 50

Total Number of Submissions:  1000

Price for this package:  $2500

You can increase the package for even more links, etc…. but this is a popular package.

Blogroll Link Exchange

Blogroll Link Exchange

Many webmasters do not understand the value of a blogroll link exchange.  Quite simply put a blogroll link exchange is simply exchanging links on a blogroll.  Site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site A.  The best method of course would be to use anchor text in your blogroll link exchange.   Of course it would be best if the two sites were on a related topic.

As the net is searched for high pr directories, high pr forum pages, etc.. and one can find fairly decent results for those searches – when one searches for ‘blogroll link exchange‘ or “blogroll links” or “blogroll exchange” really not very many decent results come up.  Therefore, I think it is high time that we start a directory of themed blogroll link exchange sites.    Kind of like the ‘you comment – i follow’ concept.   “You link – I link” would be the new concept of engaging in blogroll link exchanges.

Perhaps the best way to start this would be to use the comment box below and let the community know that you are interested in a blogroll link exchange.  Than, we can begin a real nice list and add that somewhere else on this site and it will be broken down by website categories.

Here are the rules of engagement to leave a comment for this topic of blogroll link exchange.

NO SPAM – sorry – but this is a real site helping real folks – no garbage permitted

NO SPAM sites – sorry again – but the administrator will delete comments that link to what appears to be a spam or garbage site

Your site must already be indexed by google.

Readers may also comment and let the community know if they see a site on this list that has been banned by google or is spam and the admin did not notice.. or they gamed us and built the site to look real to get links and than spammed it out than we would also want to delete that site.

Comments must have real value or they will be deleted

No links to your site in the actual comment but you may use anchor text in your ‘name’ when filling

in the comment form.

I am sorry for these stringent rules but the readers of this site are absolutely serious about good SEO and they only want resources that are effective and they do not want to link to spammy sites that will get banned by the search engines.

Okay, with all that said – comment away and let’s build a nice blogroll link exchange directory of related topics.

List of Article Directories

Here is a fantastic list of Article Directories that you can submit your articles to.

Article Submission Sites – Provided by Davy Hua

How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

For those who want to wrap text around their adsense units there is a quick and easy bit of code they can use.

This code can be implemented with various wordpress plugins (in case you are using a wordpress blog).

You can adjust the spacing around the adsense unit by changing the pixels. If you have the ad unit on the left you might want some spacing on the right hand side so it is not too close to your text.  Than you might want the following:   5px 30px 5px 5px

There are 2 wordpress plugins that are very helpful and once you have them set up you take the above code with your adsense code inserted and plop the whole thing into the area the plugin allows. Than, when you write your post all you have to do is include a little snippet of code where you want your adsense unit to appear and that’s all there is to it.

There are a few additional techniques that can be used to manipulate where your adsense ad unit goes but more on that later.  This post is simply to help you put an ad unit in a post at your desired location and a couple of plugins thrown in.

The code is as follows:

< div style=”display: block; float: right; padding-left: 8px”>
put adsense or chitika code here
< /div> (Remove the spaces in front of “div and /div” – the spaces exist so this post will
display the code for you to see, otherwise wordpress treats it like inline css and does not display the code!