We Buy Homes For Cash – Video Channel Review

fixer lake home
This might be a tough one to repair

We Buy Homes for Cash Investor Video Channel Review – Let’s take a look at some of these videos on Youtube and decide if you prefer the videos with puppet character or the text videos. Each of these We Buy Houses Fast videos pertain to investors that pay cash for houses. Either for flipping the houses or buy and hold strategy of long term rentals.  These are often purchased quickly without the need for sales agents to be bringing their customers thru the house at tremendous inconvenience to the homeowner.

Cash Investors Buy Houses Fast – Video Channel Review

Typically, this website reviews websites but today instead of looking into a website and commenting on it we are reviewing a Video Channel – the topic is “buying houses fast”.  So, take a look. Here are some of the video links starting with the main We Buy Houses Fast Video channel. Please comment below your thoughts and preferences and any enhancements or changes you recommend. Also, subscribe to the video channel while you are at it.

We Buy Houses Fast – Channel

Small Major Fixer Upper House
Small Major Fixer Upper House

We Buy Houses Kansas City – Sell My House Fast Kansas City

We Buy Houses Oklahoma City – Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City

We Buy Houses Baltimore – Sell My House Fast Baltimore

We Buy Houses Antioch – Sell My House Fast Antioch

We Buy Houses Portland

So, go ahead. Take a look at each video. Make a comment below and subscribe to this channel.

Many homeowners prefer a fast cash as is sale

Home sellers often need to sell Fast and they want Cash.  Not interested in a long lengthy escrow period with myriad of inspections and people walking thru their

old style fixer upper house
old single story fixer upper

house.  They just want the home sold fast and want a cash buyer who can purchase the home as is without any reservations or contingencies.   It’s not uncommon that a fixer upper might be owned by a party who doesn’t have the funds to repair the home and they are not able to get top value for the home so want to just get it sold and move on to greener pastures.

Investors want to Deal with Motivated Sellers

Some people may view cash investors as Sharks.  The reality is they are buying and selling homes as a business just like a supermarket buys goods low and sells high in order to make a profit spread.   It’s just that the stakes are much higher since they are not buying and selling a can of soup – they are often dealing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction (depending on location, of course).

So, there is a risk factor that must be built into the transaction in addition to a return on the risk capital that is invested.  While their cash is not in the “stock or bond”

major fixer upper
large major fixer upper home

market earning dividends and possible appreciation – they are loosing out on that income and that loss needs to be made up in the house purchase / resale transaction they are making with their funds.    The home may be off the market for many months being renovated, inspected, readied for resale and than another few months while it is being sold to a retail buyer.

In short – just be glad they bought that house down the street and fixed it up and resold the home at a nice price strengthening the overall value of the neighborhood.

Sell My House Fast Portland

Let’s review Sell My House Fast Portland and We Buy Houses Portland Oregon to see what the subtle differences are. Both pages of this website focus on popular terms home sellers use when trying to find an cash investor who would like to purchase their home quickly with the least amount of hassle. These types of Portland Cash Investors like to buy homes in any condition, As Is and for any reason. So, the seller may simply want to relocate or they may not want to do the extensive repairs required to make their home attractive to sell quickly for top dollar. They just want to move on and leave the fixer upper home to someone else to deal with. Keep in mind that many sellers don’t want to deal with the public walking thru their home and always keeping the home cleaner than normal to impress people and not be embarrassed.

So, I would say both of these pages do a fairly good job in describing what the website is about and keep within the theme of the website. These pages deliver information about selling your Portland home quickly and letting you know their are cash as is buyers for your Portland home.

I’d give my thumbs up to both pages that discuss the topics of: Sell My House Fast Portland and We Buy Houses Portland – of course Portland Oregon. Also, the website is attractive and laid out nicely and gets right to the point. This is certainly a helpful website for Portland home sellers and those who want their homes to sell quickly as is with a cash offer.

fasthomeofferscash.com website review

We Buy Houses AS IS – Wow, about time a top notch high quality We Buy Houses AS IS websites comes online. A real site offering real information that is helpful to homeowners, sellers and buyers and investors. Flippers, Rehabbers and Buy and Hold Investors. Take note!

Rather than showing a picture of the website just hop over and take a look. I think this one has all the elements that an investor website should have. It describes clearly how cash investors make fast offers to sellers who want to have no hassle real estate sales.

Maybe you can use this site yourself if you have a home to sell fast and want a fast home offer cash as is. Or you might be an investor looking to learn how to buy deeply discounted homes for sale.

Portland Energy Efficient Remodeling

Portland, OR homeowners are happy to know of Capo Construction specializing in Energy Efficient Home Remodeling. With the cost of energy being so high now – residents of Portland – tenants and homeowners alike are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills and keep their carbon footprint smaller. Thus, they are learning about “green remodeling” and “energy efficient homes” such as are being remodeled and built by home performance contractors in your local area.

Utilizing “green building” materials and techniques to reduce the amount of energy a home uses and by employing a rating system such as “BPI” or “HERS” a blower door test can be performed as well as a home energy audit and home energy assessment to determine which areas of the home are leaking the most amount of energy and than developing a solution that will reduce the energy loss, thus, saving on household energy bills. While some homeowners may elect to have a complete home energy remodel and incorporate as many “green” materials as possible in all areas of the home remodel – others may elect to only do the “energy efficient” aspects of the remodel and not spend so much on updated the remainder of the home at that time.

Either way an energy efficient remodeling contractor from Portland will be able to assist. Since this post is a site review – the screenshot is below and as the webmaster of the website develops it further you will be able to see the enhancements and read the blog posts related to Portland Energy Efficient Homes.

Vacaville Painting Contractors

Ok. So, you’re probably wondering where is the site picture of the site to review.  It’s not posted yet. So, for now just use the hyperlink in the title of this post to view the site.  Please comment below.

This really is not so much a “painting contractor website” as much as it is a post on a website that talks about a painting contractor in Vacaville.   The town of Vacaville is located in Solano County CA and 2 of the zip codes are 94588 and 94587.  It’s also the home to the Nut Tree Factory Outlet Stores.  In fact, the Nut Tree and Nut Tree Airport are part of what made Vacaville well known as a place to stop while traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento or other areas of California while driving on Hwy 80.

At some point in the future there will be a build out for a nice looking painting contractor website that is part of the local contractor website.  But, that’s down the road.

Oakley Handyman Services

Handyman services are essential to Oakley. Many people who own homes and building would call on a handyman service to repair little things to complete remodel projects and room additions. However, often times people don’t realize that handyman services will perform complete remodels because they think handymen simply perform small repairs on people’s homes.

White it is true that handyman contractors can do room additions, replace cabinets, install flooring, paint and patch and drywall entire rooms as well as remodel bathrooms and kitchens, many times they are called upon to replace sinks, rehang closet doors, rebuild fences, paint a couple rooms and fix homes in the drywall.

Water Damage, Fire Damage, Storm Damage and Mold Damage are also home repairs and that handyman services can assist a homeowner with while at the same time cooperating with the homeowner’s insurance company and the adjuster that has been assigned to the claim.

By the way – for those that done know – Oakley is in California near Mount Diablo in the San Francisco Bay Area. The zip code is 94561. It’s near the large Delta system where lot’s of fishing takes place. Actually, it’s centrally located to several major metropolitan areas and towns. East of Oakley is Stockton in San Joaquin County. West of Oakley is San Francisco. North of Oakley is Solano County – with towns such as Vacaville and Fairfield. South of Oakley is Livermore & Pleasanton.

Well, since this post is about a site review – here is the picture below and you will notice that it is a very simple webpage – some might even call it a squeeze page of sorts. Over time this might change with a different layout and color scheme but in the meantime please share below in the comment section what changes to this page you might recommend that would increase the “lead captures” of this Oakley Handyman Services page.

USDA102.org – Oakley CA Homes for Sale

This site about Oakley CA Homes for Sale and Oakley real estate listings needs a site review. Which will lead to a site wide modification. My opinion is the colors of the theme need to be changed as well as the layout. It would also benefit from an IDX feature. What is your opinion? Do you think a real estate website should be plain and simple or should it be full of color and graphics?

Oakley CA Homes for Sale

This site about Oakley CA Homes for Sale and Oakley real estate listings needs a site review.    Which will lead to a site wide modification.  My opinion is the colors of the theme need to be changed as well as the layout.  It would also benefit from an IDX feature.   What is your opinion?    Do you think a real estate website should be plain and simple or should it be full of color and graphics?

Do you have any real estate website themes that you prefer?  Please feel free to comment about this particular website.  What type of content should a real estate website include?  How should it be laid out ultimate consumer appeal?   Should a website about Oakley Homes for Sale be full of content about Oakley and the surrounding towns in addition to having a lot of real estate related content?    Perhaps a site that finds a delicate balance between community content and real estate listings content is what the consumer wants.?