WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Anyone who owns a WordPress blog likes to know about useful WordPress plugins.  Now, there are literally hundreds of plugins but on this blog I like to share the ones that our readers use on their sites and are happy with.

Here is a list of useful WordPress Plugins:

A complete list of WordPress Plugins

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins”

  1. We have used nofollow tags on various parts of our site — pages we don’t think most users would find interesting if they were looking in Google, but which are good to have in the site as a resource (e.g. cables to hook up a TV, memory cards for a digital camera).

  2. I have adsense and all in one seo pack on all my blogs but “who sees ads” is something pretty new for me. Although I am always lack of time and can’t afford to spend some time on who is seeing ads but I shall giving it a try once.

  3. This is pretty new to me the who sees ads Mod. Seems like a very useful plugin, for both webmasters and users. One question though, why not monetize on both? If a visitor came back to your blog after seeing the ads, then they really don’t care about them. Why not try to monetize, you may serve them a relevant ad just when they want it, or not. But every click counts.

  4. @SEO Services: I agree with you. Setting it to display ads to returning visitors would be beneficial in case another ad is served they might be interested in. Testing is the best method. On certain sites show ads all the time is appropriate and on other sites it is not appropriate. It’s important to pay attention to the impressions as that affects click thru rate.

  5. SEO Services » I totally agree with you. The 2nd time they visit an adsense ad may appear that attracts them. Why not display it? I understand the concerns about too many impressions and smart pricing but the 1st think I would look at is how many ads are displayed on 1 page rather than being concerned with how many times the visitor is shown an ad. Less ads will result in few impressions. Less may be more.. so to speak.

    Anyway, it all boils down to testing. What works well on one site may not work well on another. Same goes with the topic of adsense placements.

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