We Buy Homes For Cash – Video Channel Review

fixer lake home
This might be a tough one to repair

We Buy Homes for Cash Investor Video Channel Review – Let’s take a look at some of these videos on Youtube and decide if you prefer the videos with puppet character or the text videos. Each of these We Buy Houses Fast videos pertain to investors that pay cash for houses. Either for flipping the houses or buy and hold strategy of long term rentals.  These are often purchased quickly without the need for sales agents to be bringing their customers thru the house at tremendous inconvenience to the homeowner.

Cash Investors Buy Houses Fast – Video Channel Review

Typically, this website reviews websites but today instead of looking into a website and commenting on it we are reviewing a Video Channel – the topic is “buying houses fast”.  So, take a look. Here are some of the video links starting with the main We Buy Houses Fast Video channel. Please comment below your thoughts and preferences and any enhancements or changes you recommend. Also, subscribe to the video channel while you are at it.

We Buy Houses Fast – Channel

Small Major Fixer Upper House
Small Major Fixer Upper House

We Buy Houses Kansas City – Sell My House Fast Kansas City

We Buy Houses Oklahoma City – Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City

We Buy Houses Baltimore – Sell My House Fast Baltimore

We Buy Houses Antioch – Sell My House Fast Antioch

We Buy Houses Portland

So, go ahead. Take a look at each video. Make a comment below and subscribe to this channel.

Many homeowners prefer a fast cash as is sale

Home sellers often need to sell Fast and they want Cash.  Not interested in a long lengthy escrow period with myriad of inspections and people walking thru their

old style fixer upper house
old single story fixer upper

house.  They just want the home sold fast and want a cash buyer who can purchase the home as is without any reservations or contingencies.   It’s not uncommon that a fixer upper might be owned by a party who doesn’t have the funds to repair the home and they are not able to get top value for the home so want to just get it sold and move on to greener pastures.

Investors want to Deal with Motivated Sellers

Some people may view cash investors as Sharks.  The reality is they are buying and selling homes as a business just like a supermarket buys goods low and sells high in order to make a profit spread.   It’s just that the stakes are much higher since they are not buying and selling a can of soup – they are often dealing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction (depending on location, of course).

So, there is a risk factor that must be built into the transaction in addition to a return on the risk capital that is invested.  While their cash is not in the “stock or bond”

major fixer upper
large major fixer upper home

market earning dividends and possible appreciation – they are loosing out on that income and that loss needs to be made up in the house purchase / resale transaction they are making with their funds.    The home may be off the market for many months being renovated, inspected, readied for resale and than another few months while it is being sold to a retail buyer.

In short – just be glad they bought that house down the street and fixed it up and resold the home at a nice price strengthening the overall value of the neighborhood.

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