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We Buy Houses AS IS – Wow, about time a top notch high quality We Buy Houses AS IS websites comes online. A real site offering real information that is helpful to homeowners, sellers and buyers and investors. Flippers, Rehabbers and Buy and Hold Investors. Take note!

Rather than showing a picture of the website just hop over and take a look. I think this one has all the elements that an investor website should have. It describes clearly how cash investors make fast offers to sellers who want to have no hassle real estate sales.

Maybe you can use this site yourself if you have a home to sell fast and want a fast home offer cash as is. Or you might be an investor looking to learn how to buy deeply discounted homes for sale.

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2 thoughts on “ website review”

  1. I checked out fasthomeofferscash website, and you’re right. It seems to be pretty direct and straight-forward in their approach to their intent. If I were selling my home I think I would list it on this website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Terry, Thanks for your comment and thoughts regarding website review. For Real Estate Industry Professionals it’s easy to overlook that not all homeowners are familiar with the various nuances in real estate in general and selling their home in particular. Yup, many homeowners have sold a home in the past and are familiar with the traditional method of a real estate broker taking a listing, putting a sign in front yard, adding to local MLS, sending out postcards and holding open houses and even engaging in social media campaigns in an effort to find as many qualified buyers as possible for the house they have listed for sale.

      Yet, many of these same homeowners may not be aware of the many selling options available – some require a licensed real estate agent and some do not require. Short sales – many lenders/banks want the home to be listed by an agent, Bank Owned – yup, there are “back door bulk sales” (Think 2008 Mortgage Meltdown, Toxic Assets and Banks selling off in bulk to Hedge Funds) not requiring an agent for the investor buyer who can deal directly with the bank – however, a retail sale will generally be sold by a real estate agent. Probate Sales, Estate Sales, Real Estate Auctions, Private Sales, pre-foreclosure sales, tax lien sales, lease options, master lease options and etc…

      So, in essence = is an effort to educate homeowners that they have an option to by pass a traditional real estate broker and all the usual buyer loan approval and real estate agents and their clients walking thru their homes looking at all their personal items, the homeowner with 5 kids stressed out about laundry piles and the needed repairs and the dog that just left a spot, dirty dishes from not having time to clean before heading off to school and work and etc… who wants all that hastle if they have a much less intrusive choice as a means of selling their home. A Cash Investor will often make a fast cash AS IS offer and can close escrow in less than 10 days. How is that compared to 30 day and 60 day closes, hoping the buyer loan doesn’t cancel at the last minute, worrying about appraisal valuations and the home inspection report, the roof, hvac, plumbing, electrical, solar and pool inspections and even the property lines and survey issues on country property – oh.. and the well and septic. An All Cash AS IS FAST CLOSE Offer with zero contingencies. This is very appealing to many sellers on top of saving 5 to 7% in selling commissions and misc other feels – zero repairs requested.

      Let’s go write some more content!

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