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Google Keyword Planner: Of course Google Keyword Planner might be the first place people think of for research. But, is it the best tool to use? Are the traffic results really accurate?

If your website topic competitors are using the same ol’ keywords from the Planner than wouldn’t it be better to look at other Keyword Research Tools which are FREE?

Before we travel to the next concept in this article here is a picture from the Planner which shows the results of the keyword phrase “how to grow roses from cuttings”.

This will show you some long tail keyword phrases and cost per click price ranges for the terms that are showing in picture. When you look at the “competition” column as you will competition keywords.

The competition level should be on the low side for both organic and PPC keywords.

Your article or blog post will get fewer searches and visitors than a broad keyword will provide, but, in the end you should actually get more searches for the keyword that is “low hanging fruit” since less pages are delivered by competitors for a less than broad keyword term.

So, it would be better to rank on Page 1 for a long tail keyword phrase and get some traffic vs never getting traffic for the broad term because it will be hard to rank well for.

Google Keyword Planner search results

Searches Related To….

Typing your SEED Key phrase into the Google search bar will result in a wealth of keyword phrases at the bottom of your search results page. Here is an example using a keyword phrase that came from the Google Keyword Planner.

google search bar

Now take a look at the “searches related to…” results

searches related to

So, simply type a keyword or keyword phrase into the Google search bar and than scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Searches Related to… Results.

You want to consider these results because sometimes they have low competition compared to Head and Body Keywords. Sometimes you will get a real gem with a phrase that is closely related to your main Key Word and isn’t just a simple variation of the keyword you entered.

You will observe that the results from Keyword Planner are not the same as “searches related to…”.

Here is a good tip: take one of the “searches related to…” words or phrases and pop that word into google search bar and keep doing this until you have a large list of related keywords which you won’t find in the Keyword Planner.

Oh, for one more set of results to make this keyword research even more exciting… On some searches you don’t have to scroll down too far to find “People also ask…” Here is an example in this picture.

So, right next to each other here are 3 sets of results from one Google Search and the same keyword phrase

Google Search Results
Google search results
 people also ask
People Also Ask
searches related to - google search results
Searches related to…

Boards and Forums

Where can you go on the internet where people are asking hundreds or thousands of questions related to your keyword? People engaging with each other by questions and answers provides a lot of content and keywords related to your seed keyword phrase.

You guessed it. Forums & Boards.

Search in this way: “keyword” + “board”, “keyword” + “forum”, “keyword” + “discussion”, “keyword” + “vbulletin”.

boards and forums search
Search Boards and Forums

You will find all kinds of categories about “rose gardening” in one of the forums that appears in the search results.

forum categories
Forum Categories

Now let’s drill down into one of these categories and see what happens. Wow, even more keyword phrases in one of the discussions.

More keyword phrases in this forum discussion

Also, you can turn to sites like Quora and Yahoo answers for even more keyword laden threads.

In the “above” results from one Forum, I found 3 really good keyword phrases related to the Seed Keyword. “Root Hormone for cuttings”, “Help with growing roses from cuttings” and “Organic Rose Care”.

Mining Long Tail Keywords using

Head over to and you will see it brings results from Google. Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, and Wikipedia. keyword research tool keyword research tool

Let’s enter a broader keyword this time. “Organic Food” and than let’s look at the results. keyword research keyword research

The results can be downloaded by pressing the print icon in the upper left corner. These are great results as they are probably over looked by many competitors.

UberSuggest – Google Suggest Scraper

This tool gives back much more results than Google Suggest. The nice thing is you don’t have to enter in “keyword” plus “a” or “b” – it does all the hard work for you and gives you a nice list of keywords you can download.

This keyword tool answers questions that the public asks when doing long tail keyword research. Well, the public just knows it as “searching” for answers to their questions. But, you know it as “long tail keyword research”.

Just type a broad keyword into the search bar and click Get Questions. free keyword research tool
free keyword research tool – free keyword research tool keyword tool

Google Webmaster Tools

This is now referred to as “Google Search Console”. There is a lot to cover in the topic regarding Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and Google Analytics in your quest to find out how much traffic your website gets, landing pages, search queries and so much more that it will need to become another post altogether.

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Console
Google Webmaster Tools – Search Console

Google Trends

You will find Google Trends an essential search tool before spending a boatload of money on advertising.

It will help you see how a search term is trending over a period of time. In the case below you see organic gardening trends higher in June and than tapers off toward the fall.

You will see in related Queries – “organic gardening supplies”

The interest by region is strongest in Oregon. If you have visited Oregon you would understand as it is a very “green” state in terms of an organic farming mindset, urban farming, eco friendly houses and so on…

The nice thing is oftentimes under related queries you will find search terms that have not yet showed up on Google Keyword Planner.

Google Trends Organic Gardening Example
Google Trends Organic Gardening

So, here is an example with the search phrase “keyword research” and it shows a fairly stable graph.

Down below in Related Queries we have “free keyword research” which would be nice to explore the long tail phrases from that seed word.

Google Trends Keyword Research
Google Trends Keyword Research

One more example of Google Trends. “Eco Friendly” is the search term and it gave up an excellent keyword idea under related queries of “how to be more eco friendly”.

Google Trends Eco Friendly Example
Google Trends “eco friendly” example

Google Correlate

Google Correlate will show you words that trend with another word. For example “Cooking” Correlates with “Roasting Garlic”.

The higher the number next to the Correlation the closer it relates to the main Keyword you searched.

Google Correlate Example 1
Google Correlate Example 1

So, here you can see a list of words that correlate to “cooking”. Than, select “show more” down below and you will see a larger list of words that correlate to “cooking”.

Google Correlate Example 2
Google Correlate Example 2

So, now here is the much larger list of words that correlate with “cooking”.

Google Correlate Example 3 "show more"
Google Correlate Example 3 “Show More”

Now, take one of the words that correlate and try them in ubersuggest,, google keyword planner and the other free keyword research tools.


To use and benefit from Quora it is required that you join for free. Than you simply type your keyword into the search box and it will open up to many questions that people have asked with answers to those questions.

I have found that the questions and answers are very realistic (not spammy) and most of the time helpful in answering the questions that are asked.

Quora will show you the most popular answers to questions that have been asked. This really is a great way to do “real life” long tail keyword research.

"organic gardening" Quora Results
“organic gardening” Quora Results

So, here are Google Suggest and “People also ask…” Results from the phrase we got at “How much can we earn from organic gardening”.

Google Suggest Results
Google Suggest Results

Wow, I’m pretty sure you will be very excited to use the FREE version. This is like FREE Keyword research on Steroids. This tool offers a lot more than described in this blog post. You really need to check it out yourself directly.

Even though I list a bunch of features, some features require the PRO Paid Version. Keyword research in multiple languages.

Analyze Competitors. Check Search Volume. API Access. Keyword Suggestions. Questions. Prepositions.

Results from Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, AppStore, Instagram & Twitter. Filter Results, Negative Keywords, Monthly Trend, Cost Per Click. Sort Columns.

Take a look at the following pictures to get a better idea of the power of this free keyword research tool. research tool
free keyword research tool –
keyword suggestions
keyword suggestions
keyword questions tool
keyword questions tool
keyword prepositions tool
keyword prepositions tool

Now that you have several free keyword research tools it is time to pick your favorite or a mixture of all of them – go find your long tail keywords, making sure to find those that have commercial intent.

8 thoughts on “Keyword Research Tools Free”

  1. My gosh there are so many keyword tools out there. SEO targeting has turned into a multi-limbed monster, it seems, but a necessary one for working online. I never thought to take a look at the related search terms in google for my keywords. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Hi Sharon, You are welcome and thank you for your nice comment. Yes, with the FREE keyword research tools you can just keep digging and digging deep to uncover keyword phrases that you never thought of but totally relate to your Main Keyword Topic or Idea. (Head or Body Keywords).

      To more keywords ranked!

  2. I ran across AnswerThePublic last year and wanted to go back but could not remember what it was called. You solved that for me. Thanks!! I have looked at Google Trends which is very useful for showing seasonal spikes in traffic for certain keywords. I have not tried some of the others you list here. I am anxious to go try out

    Having a good keyword took is pretty critical to success in the online world if you want to get organic search traffic. I rely on great keywords to make sure my posts rank well. I often get ranked on the first page of Google immediately now due to good keywords and good SEO practices.

    Thank you so much for this goldmine of information for finding keywords! I really, really appreciate it!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Yes, I agree and think AnswerThePublic is very cool. Also, very impressed with I like Quora for more keyword ideas because I feel websites like Quora and Forums are real discussions of people asking questions that are on their mind about certain topics and the answers relate to the question thus serving up tons of keyword ideas in real life conversations.

      I’m glad your getting lots of content ranked on your websites and that keyword research has been a key element in that endeavor.

  3. Really great information for those who do a lot of keyword research and need to come up or expand on their current ideas. I saw that you talked about one called AnswerThePublic. I personally use that one and love it. I love this sort of content as it is useful for bloggers and writers like myself. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Thank you Austin for your nice comment. Yes, I’m amazed at the various free keyword research tools available and AnswerThePublic sure is and incredible and unique keyword research tool option.

      Let’s go rank some more keywords!

  4. I’ve always loved using the Google search engine when I look for keywords. It shows some of the most searched terms for your long-tailed keyword and gives excellent insight on what people are searching for. I’ve also used Google Trends, Quora, and in the past as well. KeyWord tool was also another favorite of mine.

    1. Thanks Todd, I agree about – very helpful. Lately I’ve been mixing up the keyword search randomly. Maybe start with Google Suggest, put a phrase from Suggest over to Quora and look around and than grab a keyword phrase from there and than head over to Jaaxy. It’s interesting the results.

      Let’s go get some more Keyword Phrases!

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