Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy Affiliate, Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: FREE / Premium $19 1st Month / $49 Monthly (Yearly discount available)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build a website and add content, SEO Optimize the website and earn money online.

You have probably come here to read this review because you want to know how to earn a living online and you want to know if this training course is high quality – the best, is it full of wonderful accurate content that really will help you make a living online and reach your dreams – or is Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

Are there positive and negative reviews and feedback about Wealthy Affiliate?

If I follow the Wealthy Affiliate path will I have success and achieve my goals?

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Training is Top-Notch 

PRO #2 Support is 100% Legit

PRO #3 Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

The Bad:

CON #1 Takes Real Work – (but it’s fun and nice community)
CON #2 Can’t play around to succeed – (but you will finally get somewhere)
CON #3 You can quit chasing so many other utterly worthless programs and wasting precious time.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

This product is for people who want to earn a living online or supplement their income with online income. The training can help you succeed at earning an income with affiliate marketing and you can even cross over into e-commerce and other online income strategies.

It is also very helpful for someone who enjoys top tier training by owners who are very involved in the platform and a zillion community members stepping in the help each other thru blog posts, additional training, chat board, website feedback and commenting.

It would not be for anyone who is lazy and expects to press a few shiny buttons on a piece of software and hope for an instant stream of income so they can retire from their job after a few days of affiliate checks.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

A Task based training system. Just follow along step by step and complete all the tasks in each step and you will learn everything you need to know to picking out your domain name to setting up your plug ins and theme, writing and adding seo search engine optimized content and social engagement plus adding your affiliate income links. Plus much more…

Wealthy Affiliate Support

The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it. Whenever I need help I ask tech support or the community or search the blog and very quickly I have all the answers I am looking for. Tech Support is friendly and very helpful.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

During my time in FREE Mode where I was able to avail the 1st Training Session Called “Getting Started” with 10 Lessons, I was offered a 59% discount on the first month of Premium membership for $19.00. Being so impressed with the 1st Session I couldn’t resist. I felt there was no more need to keep looking around all over the internet for something that I could latch onto with true step by step training in a manner that makes one feel accountable.

After the 1st month of Premium it’s hard not to be “hooked” and so going into another month at $49 is really a no brainer. I figured even if I decided not to follow this proven success path – just being able to host 25 private domains on their servers with this outstanding tech support was worth it alone.

25 hosted domains for $49 a month? With a hosting platform that takes care of Security for you and doesn’t require being an expert in security plugins to keep your site safe. (if you have ever had your sites hacked on a cheap shared hosting platform you will understand the piece of mind that comes from being hosted with a very capable professional company).

But, wait – than, if I wanted to be serious and learn from blogging and affiliate experts and be part of this huge helpful friendly community – it was simply icing on the cake. You will quickly find your mindset changing from “it’s nice to have found a great hosting platform that – oh by the way has great training” to “wow, incredible step by step affiliate income website and seo content creation training – Plus Fantastic Secure hosting for 25 Private Domains”. I mean really – it’s a no brainer. Who else offers a better training hosting product?

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Because www.wealthyaffiliate.com offers so much in the way of training, hosting and community I find it is an exceptional program – thus, I have joined and enjoying every moment. It’s truly beyond my expectations. After going from being a FREE member to a Premium member more doors opened up. 9 More Training sessions plus webinars on many affiliate income, website building and seo and marketing topics plus question and answers sessions.

Getting answers directly from Kyle and Carson was the icing on the cake. Before creating “Wealthy Affiliate” in 2005 which now has over 100,000 members – they were formidable bloggers and affiliate marketers. Another nice “touch” the members are part of by having such fine well known Mentors.

They also created Jaaxy which is the most powerful keyword research tool out there. All Premium members get to use this tool as part of their membership. The FREE members can give it a try on a more limited basis.

Wealthy Affiliates at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliates
Website: www.wealthyaffiliates.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: FREE Limited Trial, 1 Month Premium $19, Additional Months $49
Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100

VERDICT: 100% Legit 

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019”

  1. Hi
    I recently joined Wealthy Affiliates, about 3 weeks ago now. Before I joined I did a lot of research on other people offering similar deals, but found that they all had hidden costs. WA really does provide everything it says that it offers. The training is excellent and the community is very supportive. I think your review of WA is 100 percent accurate.

    1. Thank you Steve! Yup, I couldn’t agree more. No need to purchase anymore Affiliate training programs after being part of Wealth Affiliates, that’s for sure. The step by step learning program is very helpful so we don’t just fire away at random hoping for results.

      Let’s go get some more rankings!

  2. Excellent review. I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2018 but didn’t purchase the product until October….I wish I would’ve buckled down and purchased back in March, because this product is legit. I’ve since started two blogs, one for my own novels that I have on Amazon, and one regarding pro football apparel. I also have a third blog that isn’t linked to Wealthy Affiliate….yet, and though it’s been around longer it’s not performing anywhere near as well as my WA blogs. It goes to show the legitimacy of WA’s value.

    1. Hi Todd, Thank you for your kind comment on this Wealthy Affiliate Review. I must say that I agree with you 100%. I wish I found and joined WA 14 Years ago. Let’s see, the training is the absolute best in the industry. The community is welcoming and friend and very helpful. If that is not enough, how about the best secure hosting platform anywhere with top notch fast response tech support that gives help in Layman’s terms. You don’t need to spend a couple hours trying to figure out what the tech support just explained to you AND no more hassling with security plugins. Anyone who has ever used cheap shared hosting will probably know the headache when they find out their sites have been hacked and red flagged by the SERP’s.

      I hope tremendous success with your websites, Todd!

      Let’s go get some more rankings!

  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about wealthy affiliate and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great review for wealthy affiliate.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


    1. Ali, Thank you for your kind comment. I’m glad your questions about Wealthy Affiliate were answered and please ask if you can think of anything else. I’m blown away with the community at WA, the tech support and the training.

      Let’s go write some more content!

  4. You’ve raised a good one about being able to host 25 of your own domains for a flat rate of $49 a month, or even better, $359 a year. $200 – $300 is what other hosts are asking to only host ONE domain. So that’s plenty of value right there.

    And the fact that you actually get step-by-step training, a keyword tool and support 24/7 is just amazing. There’s no platform out there that will give this much value for this price.

    1. Hi Reyhana, Thank you for your comment! Yes, WA is proving incredible value for the low price they charge.

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