How To Stop Comment Spam?

Comment Spam is an obvious nuisance that requires a good defence.  WordPress developers have made plugins to prevent comment spam and quite frankly some of them work very well.  Later in this post I will list a few of the comment spam plugins that are popular.

The way I see it is that there are 2 major types of comment spam.   The first is done by bot’s which run around dropping comments on blogs automatically.   The hopes are that they hit enough blogs that do not require moderation with the end result being thousands of blogs having this garbage with links pointing back to the website they are marketing.    The other method would be on a  smaller scale and is probably not automated.  This would be new aspiring webmasters and to some extend experienced webmasters using anchor text in the name field and a link to their site.    They are usually keen not to put a link in the comment area but the content they include is so generic you can spot it a mile away.

Some examples:

“nice blog about adsense – keep up the good work”

“nice article – I’ll bookmark your site and return every day”

“you could increase your blog traffic by doing such and such in addition to your link campaigns”

Okay.. you get the point. Obviously, those get deleted.

So, what would constitute a non spammy comment?   I comment that is real.  It really discusses the topic of the article without being too generic.   It’s got to have some meat on it. I guess if someone got super creative, wrote a 2 paragraph comment really discussing the article and adding some genuine input and if they were able to do that with the full intent of “spamming” that Kudo’s if it makes it past the moderator.

But, otherwise, the best approach is to write a real comment.     Here is an example below.  Let’s say an article or blog post was written about “one way links” or “blogroll links” how to find link partners.   A good comment would be:

“Thanks for this post on link exchanges.  I have been struggling with this and trying to find the best way to get other webmasters to agree to a link exchange. Whenever, I email them or contact them they do not reply so I feel frustrated.  I real about this and follow the “guru’s” out there and it does not seem to work for me.  Now I finally understand the concept of “small beginnings” and how over time if I engage actively on other people’s blogs eventually a relationship will develop which could open the door to advanced link exchange strategies.

By offering something of value to the other webmaster’s site – over time – a friendship is developed and we can begin to share ideas with each other which may lead to article exchanges, blogroll link exchanges and etc..   So, thank’s again for the well written article and I’ll see you at top!”

If you read thru that comment it would be very difficult to consider that a spammy comment and I cannot imagine any webmasters that would not accept a comment like this to be placed on their blog.  But, do yourself a favor and don’t copy it and use it (unless you drop a link in it back to my site!). Create your own original comment for each blog you visit and each post you like.  Than you will establish credibility.  Also, make sure the website you are promoting is a high quality site and not a spam site.  The webmaster will look at the site as well as part of the inclusion decision.

Here is a list of comment spam plugins for WordPress blogs:  Just type the term into the search engine and you should find the link to them.




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