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Link Building Plans

The topic of Link Building is of utmost importance to website seo (search engine optimization).  There are different types of links:   inbound  1 way links,  reciprocal links – 2 way links, internal links, deep linking, blogroll exchanges, links from within blog posts or articles, links from comments on blogs, signature files from forums or articles written and distributed to article directories.

There are good neighborhood and bad neighborhood links.   Effective link strategies and stupid link strategies.  Links from low pr sites and links from high pr sites.

Okay, you get the point.  There are lot’s of linking strategies.   A smart linking strategy is a natural approach to gaining links.  This would include writing nice comments on other peoples blogs that are relevant to the blog post.   Write articles and submit to article directories.  Write articles for other blogs and become an author for 1 or more blogs.  Exchange blogroll links with sites within your niche.  Participate in forums with intelligent discussions contributing real content to the forum.    The search engines want to see natural link growth with alternating anchor text.      For example:   a bad linking strategy would be to go throw 200 links out there in 1 hour with some type of automated commenting program.  Or to put out 100 links a day over 5 days.    Does the word “comment spam” come to mind?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be discussed regarding link building strategies.   Bottom line:  Don’t spam links.    Be natural, vary your anchor text, inbound 1 way links from good neighborhood sites, participate in forum discussions and add quality content to blog comments.  Write and submit high quality articles.   When doing these tasks make sure to employ deep linking strategies – rather than have the link point to your home page have it point to a page deep within your website that is relevant to the website, article or post that you are linking from.

What does it cost to hire a high quality seo firm to build links for your site(s) and remove that task from your plate of daily duties?   Glad you asked.

Plan 1:    200 inbound links from various sites pr2-pr7 sites:   $600.00  (effectiveness of this approach – moderate to low)

Plan 2:    100 inbound links from various blogs ranking between pr2-pr5.   100 – 150 word articles are written with an anchor text link pointed to your site:  $1500.00   (effectiveness of this approach is regarded highly as the links do not come from comments, blogroll exchanges, guestbooks – typical sources of spam linking techniques.  The search engines give more favor to a link from within a quality article on a site with a good reputation)  These articles and links would take place at an interval of no more than 5 per day to keep a natural sequence in motion.

Plan 3:  All out war.  Full Scale Link Building Campaign.

Directory Submissions

Article Submissions

Articles on Blogs

Press Release Distribution

Text Link Advertising

Price:   Min. recommended budget of $3500 a month for the 1st 2 months.  Than, we will take a look at the traffic and search engine positions to determine a plan to continue or to scale back.  The goal is to take your site to the top and maintain the top position.

Plan 4:   Forum Link Building – In Bound 1 Way Links

Forums:  250   PR0 – PR6

Links:   750  (3 links per forum)

Anchor Text: up to 75 variations

Number of URLS:  up to 75 (includes deep links – inner pages)

Link Building Report: At end of campaign a report showing which pages are linking to you

SERP Ranking Analysis

Monthly Keyword Tracking and Reporting

Automatic Keyword Shifting

SEO Friendly approach to link building – frequency

Anchor Text and Keyword Link Spreading – natural seo friendly

Site History Evaluation

SEO Experience Sharing

Links from .edu and .gov sites

Customized Promotion Plan

Monthly Adjustments as needed to the link building frequency

Share SEO and Marketing Tips

Special Services Included:

Manual Submit to 550 directories

Manual Submit to 50 themed directories (in your niche)

Manual Submit to 50 directories – deep linked to your site inner pages

Manual Article Submission to 300 Article Directories

Manual Bookmarking Submissions: 50

Total Number of Submissions:  1000

Price for this package:  $2500

You can increase the package for even more links, etc…. but this is a popular package.

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  1. Leonardo Medina » In my opinion .edu links are very helpful and can be highly relevant.
    In fact if readers would like to create a list of .edu links they have been able to get and post them here please do so to help each other out.

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