How to find long-tail keywords – (the Easy Way!)

All of us who write – labor so intensely for content that will resonate with our readership – that we want the content to be indexed quickly in the major search engines and to be found by human searchers.   Of course we are really wanting our long-tail keywords to be ranked on Page 1.  Even though there are millions of articles written by authors – not all are writing to monetize their content.  But, many are.  Those who want to monetize their content want their keywords to rank in the search engines fast.

For those needing a quick explanation of what is a long-tail keyword – it’s like a micro niche of a broader topic.   Well, let’s use “Keywords” as an example of a broad topic  This word will be very very difficult to rank for on Page one of the SERP’S.  However, by breaking down the broad topic into a smaller more focused topic such as “How to find long tail keywords”, you have increased the chance of your article or blog post that you worked so hard to produce – to be found on the first page of search engines.  

Organic Search Results

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Organic Traffic is what you really want for your website content.  Do you always want to pay for your website visitors?   Proper keyword search, having corresponding content that relates and being able to achieve high placements will result in FREE Traffic – Organic Search Traffic.

Let’s Examine How to Research Long-Tail Keywords

How important are Long-Tail Keywords?   A research by Statista shows that over 50% of your on-page optimization focus should be on long-tail keywords.  Thus, if you write your content centered around long phrases than you will increase the chances of your content being found and read and having engagement with the reader who is searching the specific topic you wrote about. 

Think about how you search.  Would you search the term “SEO” and want to read thru 1000’s of articles and search results or would you rather narrow the search down to a sub niche such as “How to get keywords to rank quickly”?.   There will be fewer results for that longer phrase and it will increase the chance of your page appearing on Page 1 or 2 and being found by a searcher of that topic.

Here are some long tail keyword examples:

Long Tail Keywords Example

Let’s Find Some Keywords

We will start with a “seed” keyword.  Go to Google Keyword Planner and type in WordPress.  Than, scroll down to “Get Started” and press the button.   

Find New Keywords

So, after doing this search on the next page are the results.  This screenshot reveals a few of the keyword ideas that resulted from searching the word WordPress.

Now, Let’s look at the most relevant – in demand keywords and expand them further for more variations.

Keyword Ideas

Ok, now from the above list copy and paste “wordpress website templates” into the search bar and look at the long-tail keyword results.

Expanded Keyword Ideas

Now we have some long tail variations to choose from from this list of keywords that came from the Seed “WordPress”.

Now we arrive at Keyword Intent 

It is proven that Head or short tail keywords do not convert as well as long tail keywords.  Your goal is to meet the buyer where their intent is when searching.   For more clarification on the “principle of intent” – there are who are browsing, shopping and buyers.   

Browsing:  “Television”

Shopping:  “HDTV or HDTV Reviews”

Buying:  “Panasonic 49EX600X 49″, Ultra HD TV”


Browsing:  “Vacation Ideas”

Shopping: “Travel Tours Italy”

Buying:     “Hilton Hotels Italy”

When visitors are still in searching mode they will tend to use informational terms such as “how to”, “free”, “ebook”, “top 10” and when they are ready to purchase they will begin they will begin to use commercial intent keywords with prefixes or suffixes such as: “where to buy”, “discount”, “cheapest”, “coupons”, “deal”, “free shipping”.

During your searching you will probably run across informational and commercial intent keywords that you can build your content around in order to intercept people as they search the topic for which you have published well written content.

In Summary

As content creators understand the principles of long tail research and decide to incorporate micro-niche keywords into their blog posts and articles in order to increase the visitors to their website and engagement – they reach out for tools that will simplify the process of keyword selection and which words have the highest chance of success in being ranked high in the search engines.  

Probably one of the best Keyword Research Tools I have run across is LongTailPro.

It will help you easily find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic regardless of your niche and helps you find thousands of long tail keywords you can rank for.  Measuring Keyword Competitiveness Has Never Been This Easy.

Wealthy Affiliate – Has Tons of Education available related to keyword research and content development – leading to earning revenue from affiliate offers surrounding your content.  This is a brilliant step by step training program with features and benefits that would take too long to mention on this one article.  See the About Us Page to get a taste of what you’re in for if you signed up for the free training.

16 thoughts on “How to find long-tail keywords – (the Easy Way!)”

  1. Great article! I write a lot of content for multiple sites as well as hire content creators to help keep the content fresh on these sites. We focus hard on “Keyword Rich” but not “Stuffed” in an never ending battle to get our content ranked.

    I agree that we do ultimately want organic traffic to our sites and we sometimes need to balance that out with QUALITY paid traffic campaigns. There is nothing more frustrating to a newbie internet marketer than writing post after post and not getting eyes on your site.

    A good combination of quality content and targeted paid advertising can get you where you want to be faster


    1. Hi Steven, Thank you for your well made points in your comment.

      Yes, it is a balancing act and I think sometimes people will write the articles on their website to build a readership and subscribers who are looking for information and subtly hit them with affiliate links (sometimes not so subtly). Whereas, others may feel the need to go for Sales Funnels that are high impact to reach the Action Taking type of searcher. They might use Clickfunnels or Lead Pages or a nice Plugin like Icegram or Rainmaker to make a compelling offer and get a new subscriber.

      All great points.

      Let’s go get some more pages ranked!

  2. I like how you have detailed Keyword intent, what stage people are at when looking online. Each person will be at a different stage when they are searching, you want to find them when they are closer to a purchase than when they are first starting to look.
    Finding the right long tailed keyword to find people at the right stage in their search is one of the most important steps in online marketing.

    1. Hi John, Thank you for your comment.

      I think it is not natural for people to understand this concept when they are new to writing in such a manner to be “picked up and ranked high” by search engines. But, in a way, it seems it should be natural for markers. After all if we were to spend a few thousand on a direct mail piece and only had a few inches to capture the readers attention – we would want to employ the principles of A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, CTA or Call to Action). We have just a few seconds before they toss the mailer in the round receptacle. The same principle applies to writing for blogs and websites. If the article is written for the Action Phase than we need a taking action Keyword. If they are ready to Buy and we are feeding them boring information and specs – we might loose them.

      Let’s go get some more pages ranked!

  3. Good, detailed info on long tailed keywords. Long tailed keywords are great when they not only have little or no competition, but also have decent views and traffic. However, it is better to be ranked on page one with only a few views a month, than to be ranked on page two or three with a lot of views, and traffic potential. LongTailPro sounds great. I may have to check it out. Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom, Thank you for visiting and leaving this nice commment.

      I couldn’t agree more with you that one Long Tail Phrase that lands on Page 1 would have more value than a couple that landed on pg 1 or 2. Especially, since it’s a proven fact using a heat map that the views fade away after the 2nd or 3rd organic listing on Page 1. I think when we search a very specific topic that’s highly important to us than we may go to page 2 or 3 to do more research since we may feel Pg 1 results are highly commercialized sales pages.

      As we travel into Pg 2 and 3, on the Keto Diet topic we seem to be getting closer to what we are looking for. We may have found what we are looking for on Page 1 if we had simply searched for “is the Keto Diet safe if I’m on antibiotics and high BP medicine”.

      Summary: Keto Diet – very difficult to land on Pg 1 (page 2 and 3 will not yield much traffic)
      Is the keto diet healthy for an obese male diabetic – I think this would nail page 1 and should get some searches (but check with Jaxxy first to be sure). 2 or 3 long tails like this should generate more traffic than going for “keto diet” and also there will be additional phrasess that get picked up in the article for some more views.

  4. Hi Dave, great article on how to find log tail keywords the easy way! As a beginner blogger its so hard to get into the rhythm of how to structure a blog post and then also make sure my content gets ranked. I am slowly getting the hang of long tail keywords, and its all very much trial and error, but having Jaxxy to help me in my search for something that will rank well has also helped with gaining organic traffic. Do you use Jaxxy? And if so how do you find it for creating content that gets ranked on page 1 and finding long tail keywords?

    1. Hi Nicole, Thank you for your nice comment. Very thoughtful. Yes, I believe Jaxxy is an excellent program for researching keywords especially what I like to refer to as Level 2 and 3. Those are the longer and longer tail keywords. It might be a stretch for a new website which doesn’t have much authority (Moz DA or PA, Majestic TF or CF) to rank for “organic gardening” (as a exact match). However, face it, most people will be typing in an Intent Keyword such as a Commercial or an Informational Keyword. They just started searching than they begin gathering more information than start looking for the best deals and before you know it the purchase is made. Certainly, you want to catch them with a commercial keyword right when they are ready to buy.

      Thus “where to buy rose seeds in (city) or “who sells rose seeds near me” or “(big box store) coupons for rose seeds” would be great phrases to work with – but, only if they have decent metrics with a nice volume of searches and low competition. This is where using Jaxxy comes in as you can keep digging deeper till you find nice relevant semantic long tail phrases with good metrics. Organic Gardening could become Who has the best organic compost near me?


  5. Hi!

    Thank you for this very informative post. I have been struggling to get my keywords to rank and I have become quite hopeless really. I think I am going to try this and hopefully my luck will change for the better.

    1. Hi Mel, Try to niche down your keyword so it’s not too broad. Of course, also, be mindful of the statistics of whichever long tail keyword research program that you use to make sure your selection is getting enough traffic and views but also has a significant chance of ranking on page 1. Even though we are using a long tail word and the software said that it’s a good choice – we also must create content that resonates with the inquirer.

      Sit in the seat of the “searcher”. What would you type in the search bar and what would you hope to receive as content. You might type in “How to search for long tail keywords” and you would hope the article will be informative and give you a solid understanding of the topic with examples, pictures, solutions and resources.

  6. Very good info on how to search for long tail keywords. I used to write content without using keywords at all or even know how everything got ranked. Knowing how to use long tail keywords is important to getting seen on google. And thank you for talking about intent of the buyer with keywords. That is something I am not up to speed on and would like to learn more about in terms of how to create content to meet the buyer where they are.

    1. Hi Brian, Thank you for your kind comment.

      I’m glad this article was helpful to you about Buyer Intent and Long Tail Keywords. I hope you are achieving your goals in the website content you are writing and optimizing for. Will you try to implement these strategies on your next article?

  7. Thank you sir for the informative information on searching out long-tailed keyword phrases. I like the approach you took concerning buyer’s intent and using keywords to attract people actually ready to buy, because that puts you as the seller in a much better position with the buyer who’s ready to buy. Great info…….

    1. Hi Terry, Thanks for your comment regarding long tail keyword phrases. We will use this method in writing articles and also in PPC advertising models when it comes to the advertisement and the landing or squeeze page funnel system we emply. Are you currently using any PPC Sales Funnels? Are you staying inside the Wealthy Affiliate eco system entirely or also using ClickFunnels or LeadPages?

      By mentioning the WA Eco System – this would include funnel systems that are based in Word Press and FREE such as the Icegram and Rainmaker Plugins and integrated with perhaps Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse or Sendland among a host of other other autoresponders. (I need to add that some of these services might have a free trial period, others might not and some will have a FREE Limited service but Paid upgrade options.)

      Let’s go nail a few more long tail phrases!

  8. Hi John
    I’m only very new at this, only started to learn affiliate marketing 3 weeks ago with no prior experience. I find writing content easy, but learning how to find the right keywords to get traffic is so important. Thanks for the informative article, I’ll try it to find good keywords for my next post.

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