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February 12, 2013

Portland Energy Efficient Remodeling

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Portland, OR homeowners are happy to know of Capo Construction specializing in Energy Efficient Home Remodeling. With the cost of energy being so high now – residents of Portland – tenants and homeowners alike are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills and keep their carbon footprint smaller. Thus, they are learning about “green remodeling” and “energy efficient homes” such as are being remodeled and built by home performance contractors in your local area.

Utilizing “green building” materials and techniques to reduce the amount of energy a home uses and by employing a rating system such as “BPI” or “HERS” a blower door test can be performed as well as a home energy audit and home energy assessment to determine which areas of the home are leaking the most amount of energy and than developing a solution that will reduce the energy loss, thus, saving on household energy bills. While some homeowners may elect to have a complete home energy remodel and incorporate as many “green” materials as possible in all areas of the home remodel – others may elect to only do the “energy efficient” aspects of the remodel and not spend so much on updated the remainder of the home at that time.

Either way an energy efficient remodeling contractor from Portland will be able to assist. Since this post is a site review – the screenshot is below and as the webmaster of the website develops it further you will be able to see the enhancements and read the blog posts related to Portland Energy Efficient Homes.

Portland Energy Efficient Remodeling Contractor

Portland Energy Efficient Remodel Contractor

February 10, 2013

What is an Authority Website?

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What exactly is an “Authority Website“? This term is used a lot in the SEO world of search engine optimization companies and webnasters who want to rank their sites higher for their chosen keywords. You can find a lot of technical jargon about authority sites that will go into tremendous detail about how page rank, works, how to climb in the serps, short tail vs. long tail keywords, monetizing your website and backlinking strategies, plus, a whole lot more.

All of those elements are part of an authority website. Webmasters, trying to get their website to the top of the search engines are pulling out all the tools at their disposal to drive their site up above all competitors. The search engines, on the other hand, are trying to keep a robust but competitive business model thriving and their goal (besides revenue) is to satisfy their users and serving up relevant content for what is being searched. And, not any relevant content, but, the best content and from authority websites.

It seems the search engines have become fairly good at weeding out an authority website from a look alike authority site (a spam site or a legit website but that really isn’t authority, but the webmaster is throwing everything at it including the kitchen sink to get it to rank over the real authority sites. So, this is where the search engines have to become real smart – to decide which is spam, which site is real and which site is real and authoritative. You could almost think of it as a battle between the webmasters and seo companies and the search engines. Or, even, between the webmaster of the non authoritative site and the webmaster of the real authority website. Each is vying for top positions. The money spots. Of course, being in first place, top spot, on page one being the prize. 2nd and 3rd slots being honorable positions.

So, what really makes for an authority website? Think of it like this and it might help to understand the difference. Let’s use a site on gardening as the topic of our example. In fact, maybe it’s a site on organic gardening on the west coast. The owner of the website just happens to be an organic farmer and is a talk show host on a radio show that has millions of listeners. His website is chalk full of real content from professors at a local university specializing in farm practices, horticulture, gardening development of maximizing the usage of land for high yielding organic crops. Besides, this content, there are examples, demonstrations, training, question and answers, an active forum, a podcast – recordings of the weekly radio show. Local and statewide newspapers quote this farmer and reference his website on a regular basis to cover gardening topics. Many large popular websites are linking to his. News websites, universities, government websites and other authority websites.

The next example is someone who is a real organic farmer but really a hobbyist. Grows the best tomatoes you’ve ever had and uses the best urban gardening methods available. The website goes up, becomes locally popular to other urban gardening enthusiasts and from time to time a local newspaper does a write up about this gardening method being performed by alocal citizen.

The next example is someone who decides they can make gobs of money from building a niche website on organic gardening. Fill it with various advertisements and start filling their bank with the revenue that’s going to start pouring in. The three websites in our example are all going for the same keywords. By the way, besides these three there will be many more competitors for the same keywords.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Which website do you think will rank highest for a given keyword? So, since we already know which one – let’s talk about the other two. The second site probably won’t go crazy with optimization because the owners goal is not to earn revenue but to share info. The motive might not be there to go to great lengths to “rank”. The third site is going to employ various search engine optimization strategies to outrank the first website. Can it be done? Yes in many instances. But, the webmaster will probably also from time to time need to “freshen up” the site to hold onto the top spot if he is able to attain it in the first place. Partly, because the search engines will continue to refine their tools that determine ranking of sites. It will try to identify the true authority websites and make sure they rank above websites that are trying to earn top spot with “back linking” strategies and other seo practices.

February 8, 2013

Used Domain Names for Sale

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If you would like to get your hands on formerly expired domain names with very good and high metrics (seomoz, majestic, etc..) please leave a comment below and a spreadsheet will be forwarded to you with paypal link for payment.

The formerly “expired domain names” are registered and ready for a new owner to take advantage of the organic search engine traffic they receive due to the former owner’s efforts in building backlinks. Many “expired domain name” buyers use these types of “aged domains” to build out new sites and have various ways to monetize them and bring extra traffic. They like the fact that they domains are aged sometimes 10 or more years old with lot’s of referring lrd’s (linking root domains) and inbound links. Many have had former PR and many will have alexa ranking and links.

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