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May 31, 2008

5000 Website Resources

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5000 Website Resouces

Here is a list from Mashable that includes 5000 Tools for Webmasters and Websites

This is one gigantic list and will take awhile to go thru – so enjoy!

List of Article Directories

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Here is a fantastic list of Article Directories that you can submit your articles to.

Article Submission Sites – Provided by Davy Hua

WordPress Plugins

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WordPress Plugins

Anyone who owns a WordPress blog likes to know about useful WordPress plugins.  Now, there are literally hundreds of plugins but on this blog I like to share the ones that our readers use on their sites and are happy with.

Here is a list of useful WordPress Plugins:

Who Sees Ads?

Adsense Deluxe

All In One SEO Pack

A complete list of WordPress Plugins

How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

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How to Wrap Text Around Adsense Ad Units

For those who want to wrap text around their adsense units there is a quick and easy bit of code they can use.

This code can be implemented with various wordpress plugins (in case you are using a wordpress blog).

You can adjust the spacing around the adsense unit by changing the pixels. If you have the ad unit on the left you might want some spacing on the right hand side so it is not too close to your text.  Than you might want the following:   5px 30px 5px 5px

There are 2 wordpress plugins that are very helpful and once you have them set up you take the above code with your adsense code inserted and plop the whole thing into the area the plugin allows. Than, when you write your post all you have to do is include a little snippet of code where you want your adsense unit to appear and that’s all there is to it.

There are a few additional techniques that can be used to manipulate where your adsense ad unit goes but more on that later.  This post is simply to help you put an ad unit in a post at your desired location and a couple of plugins thrown in.

The code is as follows:

< div style="display: block; float: right; padding-left: 8px">
put adsense or chitika code here
< /div> (Remove the spaces in front of “div and /div” – the spaces exist so this post will
display the code for you to see, otherwise wordpress treats it like inline css and does not display the code!

Adsense Deluxe

Who Sees Ads?

May 30, 2008

Optimizing WebSite for Search Engines

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Optimizing WebSite for Search Engines

Can you say: “My website is Search Engine Optimized”

Now let’s get real carried away and say:

My Website is Search Engine Optimized!Yell this out loud 3 times

Why am I making a big deal about this? Because if your site is not PROPERLY Search engine optimized you won’t get much traffic which translates in a very poor Click thru rate thus a very poor chance of a good income from your site.

The websites we build are properly search engine optimized for easy spider crawling. The websites make sense to the spiders and we give them the bread crumb food they are so desparetly craving. Didn’t your science teacher tell you to feed the spiders? 🙂  Well, probably not – but you DO want to feed the search engine spiders.  Think of your website as a living organism and you want your website to have spiders crawling all over it and eating it up. But, you need to give it spider food which they thrive on and not some type of spider eradicator.

Our internet marketing training techniques will give you a constant ongoing education about advanced website seo tactics that will help propel your site into the mainstream giving your website a traffic advantage.

May 29, 2008

Website Hosting Plans

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Website Hosting Plans come in all shapes and sizes. (or colors and flavors).  Bottom line: you don’t always get what you pay for.  Nor, do you always understand what you are really getting.   The question to ask is are you only getting hosting or is your hosting company doing something extra for your site along the lines of search engine optimization.

If you are told that the reason your hosting fee is so high is because they are optimizing your site and maintaining your keyword than you need to ask what that really means.  What are the doing to optimize your site and  your main keyword.  Show me the results!  Are you (hosting company) engaged in an inbound link campaign?  Is it a 2 way (reciprocal link exchange) campaign or a one way link campaign?  How many inbound links does my site have now?  What is the anchor text in the inbound link?  How about the PR of the sites linking to my site and are the sites on topic or off topic?  Are you focusing on one major broad keyword or several niche keywords making sure to sprinkle in some long tail keywords in the anchor text?

Are you adding content to my site? Is it original content? Have you submitted any articles to article directories and have they been picked up and being placed on other websites?   Have you created any blogroll link exchanges between my sites and others?  (on topic or off topic)?

i.e.:  What are you doing for me when you say you are maintaining a keyword to justify charging me between $50 – $500 a month?  Please explain and show me the results.  Are you simply hosting my site or are you hosting it and optimizing my site for search engine spiders to come by and give it some good pr and search engine rankings?

The point is to understand if you are paying for hosting only, hosting + great customer service, hosting + customer service + SEO on your site?

May 22, 2008

Web Hosting

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Local Web Hosting is here to meet the needs of the savvy Internet marketer and the beginner alike with your website hosting needs.

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